The Glam Rants – MAC & Sephora Experience Rant

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Hello my loves!!!! Welcome my loves! This is the first rant video on my channel. This is just my opinion and not written in stone. No intended shade to anyone this is just my person opinion on visiting popular cosmetic stores.

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17 thoughts on “The Glam Rants – MAC & Sephora Experience Rant”

  1. I'm a Mac employee and girl let me tell you, ever since these "bad experience at Mac" videos came out some females already walk in with an attitude expecting bad service and us we can only take so much as humans it's so annoying

  2. I went into Kohl's today to buy some stuff for my house. They sell the Balm products in the makeup section. I walked in, the lady at the counter never greeted me and didn't ask if I needed help. I was there for about 5 minutes when two little white girls walk in, and the lady asked them immediately if the needed help. I usually will rip in to someone if they give bad customer service, but my husband was there and hates when I get crazy. Meanwhile the white girls walk out with nothing and I.leave with $200 worth of makeup. Fuck that bitch. I won't be so.quite next time

  3. Oh Also, My skin is the same way its either too dry or too oily I think maybe depending on the foundation but I have tried the Match Maker Foundation amoung many others and mac Lotions, match maker leaves my skin looking so dry, what Foundation do you use bcuz you look flawless <3 *

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