Yves Rocher Set of Foam-tip Applicators

Yves Rocher Set of Foam-tip Applicators Four mini-applicators with foam tips for applying light to dark eye shadow from the upper eyelid to the eyebrow arch to obtain a transparent effect or fuller coverage.

Yves Rocher Lip Pencil – Purple

Yves Rocher Lip Pencil - Purple The outline of the mouth is clearly defined and perfectly emphasised. A melting, soft and velvety texture, for a precise line. A glide on tip, for optimum ease and comfort of application. Colors in harmony with the shades of the whole lipstick range for a harmonising line. The Lip Pencil contains the natural benefits of Shea Butter Tested under dermatological supervision The Plus : The flexible tip is pleasant to use to outline or color in the lips 0.03oz/1 g pencil

Yves Rocher Nail Polish – Pink Sorbet

Yves Rocher Nail Polish - Pink Sorbet Mini nail polish Maxi colour! Trendy nail polishes in small sizes to collect and to match any outfit or mood: - Nudes*: Snow White, Pastel Pink: subtle, shimmering shades with light coverage for a manicured look. - Frosted: Fuchsia, Red Berry, Pink Sorbet: bright shades with adaptable coverage for a colourful effect. - Lacquers: Midnight Blue, Black Cherry, Electric Purple: dark and intense shades with complete coverage for glamorous nails. Its light and fluid formula allow for an optimal application of 1 or 2 coats, depending on the shade. The Plus: Its small size makes it easy to collect. 0.10 fl.oz. Bottle / 3 ml * Nude = Natural

Vanilla Lemon Incense

Vanilla Lemon Incense As enticing as a candy counter, the tantalizing, fruity notes of Vanilla Lemon evoke the comfort of delicious treats!Light these sticks and let their candy shop scent waft through the air and fill your home with a sweet Lemon Vanilla fragrance!Set of 12 sticks