Shine Spray Serum (For More Intensive Shine)

Shine Spray Serum (For More Intensive Shine) Women's 225ml/7.42oz . A lightweight & non-greasy shine-boosting serum Enriched with Obliphica Oil comprising vitamin E that adds an immediate gloss to hair Provides smoothing & frizz controlling benefits Contains UV screening formula that shields the outer layer of hair from sun & weather damage Prevents hair color from fading Infused with a delicate pleasant fragrance Great for relaxed curly kinky thick coarse or wavy hair Alchohol-free To use: Apply to dry finished styles or on wet hair before styling

Avon Product Spotlight: AVON Advance Techniques Mirror Shine Spray.

The first in my series: Avon Product Spotlight. Today’s product: AVON Advance Techniques Mirror Shine Spray.


This is the first in my series of Avon product spolights. These are my favorite products that I use from Avon and I’ll tell you the reasons why. My first product is Avon’s Advance Techniques Mirror Shine Spray. I get a lot of questions from a lot of people about how my hair stays so shiny and so nice and it always looks so good. Well, it doesn’t. It does it because of this product. So, after you’re done styling it and everything is the way that you want it to be, you always have those few hairs that are like little flyaways and it’s a little bit dull from using the heated attachments. You know, curling irons or straighteners or whatever it is that you personally use. And so you just hold the product about twelve inches from your head and you spray just a little bit over your entire head. And then you take your fingers, and don’t press too much, but you just flatten out those little flyaways. And don’t run your fingers through your hair because it will get somewhat greasy – it’s an oil that gets on your hair to hold it down. And then you’re all done. You let it dry for about five minutes or so and you’re good to go. And people will ask you how your hair got so shiny.

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