Yves Rocher Liquid Shadow + Liner – Amthyste

Yves Rocher Liquid Shadow + Liner - Amthyste A fluid, fresh texture that glides harmoniously on the eyelids, is easy to apply and dries rapidly for flawless results. Two make-up results, thanks to its specific brush applicator: - Outlined eyes with a precise, even line when used as an eyeliner - Enhanced eyes when applied as an eye shadow on the eyelids. Intense, vibrant colors. Ultra-long, 8-hour hold. A varied and sophisticated iridescent make-up result. Tested under ophthalmological supervision The Plus: The dual use applicator for applying on the lash line as an eyeliner and as a shadow on the eyelids. 0.17 fl.oz. Tube / 4 ml

Smooth & Firm Kit

Smooth & Firm Kit You succumbed to the abundances of the Holiday season? Back on track with the Smooth & Firm Kit! This kit contains the essentials to work towards regaining a tonic silhouette:- Botanical Scrub, Botanical Body Care, 5 fl.oz. / 150 ml Tube,- Effect Cellulite Serum - Dimpled-Looking Skin Smoother, Body Shaping Program, 5.0 fl.oz. / 150 ml Tube,- Slimming massage accessory, Minceur Caf Vert, dimensions : 5.5 ' / 12 cm x 9 cm / 3.75 '

Yves Rocher 2 in 1 Beautifying Hand & Nail Cream

Yves Rocher 2 in 1 Beautifying Hand & Nail Cream Formulated with protective organic Arnica and smoothing Rose extract, this enhancing treatment offers both beauty and protection to your nails and hands, smoothing your skin and boosting its radiance. Directions: Apply daily 2 in 1 Beautifying Hand & Nail Cream. Gently massage, paying special attention to your nails and surrounding skin. Paraben free 2.5 fl.oz. Tube / 75 ml