eShave 3 Blades Razor Nickel Plated (Blue Handle)

eShave 3 Blades Razor Nickel Plated (Blue Handle) A perfect balance of form and function, eShave Luxury Razors are sculptured works of art unlike any shavers you have known before. Intuitive in design and ergonomic, these high quality luxury razors are comfortable in the hand, easy to use, and delightfully elegant. Following the principles of fine jewelry making, our shavers combine cast metals and hand-turned Lucite for a modern and stylish look. All eShave razors are unisex and hold the high quality Gillette Mach3 refillable blades Directions: You need to properly prepare your skin before using your razor. For the best results when shaving delicate areas such as the face and neck, and to prevent ingrown hair, bumps, and razor burns, always shave with the grain. Using short, light strokes which prevent irritation, shave in the direction that the hair grows (i.e. with the grain). For stubborn hair, re-apply shave cream and repeat shaving in rapid, sideways motion. Avoid using disposable razors since they’re not sharp enough. We recommend using the Gillette Mach3 or Fusion blades. eShave Razors are fitted for the Gillette Mach3 blade and can be specially ordered to fit the Gillette Fusion blade.

For Men Active Skin Essence

For Men Active Skin Essence Men's 100ml/3.3oz . An all-in-one face essence for men Combines freshness of toner with moisture of emulsion & nutrition of essence Features a lightweight non-sticky texture that penetrates rapidly into skin Contains patented Herb Complex IV to control sebum & shrink enlarged pores Developed with nano emulsion method that allows for better hydration & delivery of nutrition Loaded with Albutin for whitening properties Unveils a softer smoother clearer brighter & more elastic complexion

Smooth & Firm Kit

Smooth & Firm Kit You succumbed to the abundances of the Holiday season? Back on track with the Smooth & Firm Kit! This kit contains the essentials to work towards regaining a tonic silhouette:- Botanical Scrub, Botanical Body Care, 5 fl.oz. / 150 ml Tube,- Effect Cellulite Serum - Dimpled-Looking Skin Smoother, Body Shaping Program, 5.0 fl.oz. / 150 ml Tube,- Slimming massage accessory, Minceur Caf Vert, dimensions : 5.5 ' / 12 cm x 9 cm / 3.75 '

Anthony Logistics Oil Free Facial Lotion

Anthony Logistics Oil Free Facial Lotion Allergy Tested, Fragrance-Free, All Skin Types Your skin shouldn't outshine your personality. Moisturize and smooth with silk amino acids, soothe with aloe and chamomile, retain moisture with glycerin. Method of Use: Smooth on face with an upward and outward motion after washing. Once in the morning, once at night. Why it works? Leaves skin soft but less oily, more matte and free of imperfections. Net Weight: 90 ml / 3 oz. Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizes, soothes, promotes healing and calms. Helps restore the natural pH level to skin. Glycerin Holds and retains moisture on the skin. Helps bind moisture to the skin. Silk Amino Acids Protein derived from silk (fibroin) and silk cocoons. Helps enhance water retention, moisturizes, smoothes. Chamomile Soothes and calms. A natural astringent. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon Extract Natural Astringent and toner. Grapefruit Oil Soothes and revives. Natural astringent. Mandarin Lessens stretch marks and scarring. Tones skin.

Yves Rocher 2 in 1 Beautifying Hand & Nail Cream

Yves Rocher 2 in 1 Beautifying Hand & Nail Cream Formulated with protective organic Arnica and smoothing Rose extract, this enhancing treatment offers both beauty and protection to your nails and hands, smoothing your skin and boosting its radiance. Directions: Apply daily 2 in 1 Beautifying Hand & Nail Cream. Gently massage, paying special attention to your nails and surrounding skin. Paraben free 2.5 fl.oz. Tube / 75 ml