Metalglow Cream Eyeshadow – Pink copper

Metalglow Cream Eyeshadow - Pink copper Long-lasting pearly metallic sheen. A fresh creamy texture, intense luminous colours, guaranteed ultra-long 8hour hold, for a sparkling metallic finish and radiant eyes. An adjustable metallic shadow texture, applies evenly to the eyelid and is easily worked with fingertips or foam tipped applicator. Intense, luminous colours with a sparkling metallic finish. The eyes look radiant.Metalglow Cream Eyeshadow contains all the natural benefits of Soya Bean extract.Tested under ophthalmological supervisionThe Plus : The soft foam applicator has a chiselled shape for easy application0.17 fl.oz Tube / 5 ml

“It’s Time to Wash My Hair!” Products I Use

The day I wash my hair I like to use only a few products because, as time goes by until the next time I wash it, the LAYERS of products pile on! Hairspray, shine serum, leave ins, etc.

And since I never finished the thought~I put my hair up when taking Dollface in the car because the wind blows and tangles any free flying hair, lol!

Thanks to lisalisad1 for the Rusk info~I’m lovin’ the stuff!

Product Info-
Palmers Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E Deep Conditioning Protein Pack (Target); MiriamQuevedo Mediterraneum Shampoo for Difficult Hair (bought at TJ Maxx; Rusk Sensories Smoother Conditioner Passionflower and Aloe Smoothing Leave In Conditioner (also bought at TJ Maxx); Avon Advance Techniques damage repair 3D Rescue Leave in Treatment for dry damaged hair
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Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment Bottle All Hair Types 2016

Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment Bottle All Hair TypesBrand Newly repackaged in a plastic bottle to prevent the spillage from the previous bottle of glass. Item no longer comes in a box or has a manufacture seal.

Company: Avon
List Price: $ 10.00
Amazon Price: $ 5.01 Beauty: avon