Signature Glam Art Triple Lips SPF10 – #Mambo Pink TPK01

Signature Glam Art Triple Lips SPF10 - #Mambo Pink TPK01 Women's 6ml/0.2oz . A multi-transformation lip makeup with UV protection benefit Created with a Triple Layer Technology that changes finish upon each touch up First touch gives a lively tint effect to make lips look soft & natural Second touch imparts a high gloss effect for smooth dewy shine Third touch offers lip color effect for a vivid color fix Provides different looks for your lips

The Glam Rants – MAC & Sephora Experience Rant

Sephora – Beauty and Makeup Tutorials with Online Product Sales

Hello my loves!!!! Welcome my loves! This is the first rant video on my channel. This is just my opinion and not written in stone. No intended shade to anyone this is just my person opinion on visiting popular cosmetic stores.

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Lipstick worn is NYX SIREN – DEEP VIOLET

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