Professional Luxury Rose Gold Vintage Rose by Arose Beauty 12pc Soft Vegan Makeup Face & Eye Essentials Brush Set for Beginners and Professionals

Professional Luxury Rose Gold Vintage Rose by Arose Beauty 12pc Soft Vegan Makeup Face & Eye Essentials Brush Set for Beginners and Professionals

At Arose Beauty we truly believe that there is no hard and fast rule in makeup artistry. There are many possible uses for every single brush and only you know what works the best for you! We have suggested uses for these brushes but please, have fun experimenting!

1. Large Powder Brush
For application of loose powder, powder foundation and mineral makeup.

2. Flawless Buffer Brush
For application of liquid foundation in a buffing motion for a flawless finish.

3. Multipurpose Brush
For application of any face product.

4. Slim Shaper Brush
For application of contour powder.

5. Sheer Cheek Brush
For application of powder blush

6. Cream Cheek Brush
For application of cream blush and contour

7. Concealer Brush
For application of concealer especially in smaller areas such as undereye and around the nose

8. Large Eyeshadow Brush
For sweeping a sheer layer of eyeshadow all over the eyelid

9. Medium Shader Brush
For general application of eyeshadow

10. Blender Brush
For blending eyeshadow in the crease in a window wiper motion

11. Petite Crease Brush
For applying eyeshadow in the crease or blending in a more precise manner

12. Liner Brush
For applying cream, gel or powder eyeliner or to fill in the brows

If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, please contact us right away and you will get a full refund. We don’t want your money if you’re not happy.

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List Price: $ 49.90
Amazon Price: $ 29.90 Beauty: sigma beauty

How I Clean My Tools! | Makeup Brush + Sponge Maintenance

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♥Products Mentioned:
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•Beauty Blender –

•Vera Mona Color Switch – .99

•Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner – .50 to

•Parian Spirit – .50 to

•Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner – to

•Sigma Spa Mat –

•Philosophy Purity Cleanser – to

•Brush Guards – .99

***Brush Guard Kit –
THIS IS SOOOO AWESOME!!! It comes with everything you need to clean your brushes!!! Washing cup, shampoo, microfiber towels, and brush guards!

•Microfiber Towels – (24 pack)
I got my 3 pack for at my local Daiso!

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Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Face Eyes Brush

Sigma Dry'n Shape Tower Face Eyes BrushThe technologically-advanced way to dry and shape brushes faster than ever before. BENEFITS FOR YOU Holds up to 24 eye brushes and 2 face brushes. Includes 3 bases and 2 connectors. Disassembles easily for compact storage. YOU LL EXPERIENCE Elastic bands provide the necessary pressure to bristles to re-shape them upside down while quickly and efficiently removing water from every bristle. WHY IT S GLOWING Misshapen makeup brushes are the worst, but they can be difficult to avoid without the proper place to dry your brushes after cleaning them. The Dry’n Shape Tower – Face and Eyes was specially designed to completely dry and shape your most dense face and eye brushes faster than ever. The innovation quickly and efficiently removes water from every bristle with necessary pressure while exclusive, patent-pending SigmaSnap technology holds each brush in place. Say goodbye to deformed brushes, once and for all!

Company: Sigma Beauty
List Price: $ 45.00
Amazon Price: $ 45.00 Beauty: sigma beauty

Sigma Beauty 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove – Pink

Sigma Beauty 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove - PinkWHY WE LOVE IT: This one-of-a-kind brush cleaning glove is a new and improved version of Sigma’s original Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Glove to provide a complete cleaning process for both eye and face brushes. WHAT IT DOES: The new Sigma Beauty 2X Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Glove was designed as an upgrade from the original glove featuring not only one, but TWO thumbs for added comfort and an easy-to-turn transition from the eyes to face side. This new glove design helps to clean your brushes even faster than the original glove with 8 advanced cleaning textures – including 2 new textures. • Two thumbs for added comfort and an easy-to-use transition from the eyes side to face side • Smaller, comforted fit for more controlled cleaning and grip of glove • Raised textures designed for a more effective, deeper clean • 2 new textures – Refined Plus Eyes and Refined Plus Face WHY IT’S HOT: Featured: The Today Show

Company: Sigma Beauty
List Price: $ 39.00
Amazon Price: $ 39.00 Beauty: sigma beauty