Subbie Sunday: Quitting Avon Haul, Foundation Shades and Off the Shoulder Top Try-On

Check out all that Avon has to offer at

Here are the items I shared with you today:
Magixx Face Primer 8.99
True Color Flawless Loose Powder 8.99
True Color Concealer Stick 6.99
Mixed Metal Pendant Necklace 19.99
Dewy Orchid Candle 2 for 22
Mademoiselle Candle 2 for 22
Striped Off The Shoulder Top 19.99
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11 thoughts on “Subbie Sunday: Quitting Avon Haul, Foundation Shades and Off the Shoulder Top Try-On”

  1. I love this! Great job! You are so comfortable on camera! I love your candle reveal – you do a great job selling these – without TRYING to sell them! Love this! Great delivery! I'll bet you are one of their top sellers – you are a natural with this!

  2. hi
    I enjoy your videos and recently placed an avon order with you. I just received it. Do they not send catalogues anymore? just wondering as my mom wants to look at some anew products. I of course will guide her to your website but at 77 it would be easier with a brochure hahah

  3. i like both tops! i agree about the YT scenario too, i think wigs became an addiction for me & doing videos just added fuel to the fire. Makes me wanna get them sooner or try new things i probably wouldn't wear everyday. I need to slow down though cause these wig prices are getting outta control, lol. I'd save so much money if i would stop buying wigs!!!

  4. I love Avon there are some products I cannot do without either with the new books coming out I found out that the darker Shades in the Avon Foundation doesn't have SPF so I will be ordering some liquid foundation soon…..

  5. hello jelanda. Yes I am Avon representative and I also love the cream to powder foundation in Sable brown color. It works very well with my skin tone, I love the lip conditioner. I also have the new Mark collection, touch and glow Shimmer cream cubes, I also have the click it compact, with eyeshadow from The Mark collection, a set of Mark collection brushes as well. Yes I do agree with you Avons makeup collections R affordable because I have spent over $50, $60 and close to$ 70 myself on purchases at makeup counter stores. And I believe Avon is very affordable I love them as well. Always on budget.

  6. That top is adorable! Does the elastic feel really tight on the arms, or does it feel ok? I totally think you would be able to rock that blue lipstick! I hope you have a great week ahead!

  7. Another awesome subbie Sunday! My Nana loved Avon and many times I have thought to go back to it but I get weird about choosing colors online since I am so pale. But I know I love the skin so soft items! Please get that blue lip color I think it would look fabulous on you!!! Have a beautiful and blessed week.

  8. Thank you for addressing the purchase/haul video issue. I've wondered about this so many times! I think the heavy emphasis on haul videos (in general, not you) perpetuates an unhealthy attitude and expectation. I would love to see more videos showing how you use the items you have — for example, how you coordinate your outfits, especially during seasonal transitions. Maybe a week's worth of outfits… or ideas for packing a coordinated wardrobe for a trip… or taking an outfit from day to night…
    As always, love your videos.

  9. Great video and very insightful. Those questions that you asked have actually occurred to me about people filming you tube videos. I love the colors of the candles. The skin so soft collection is my favorite. Still thinking about selling but haven't made the decision to sell. Cute top and it looks good on you.

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