Natural Deodorant! Avon deodorant! News you can use!

News you can use! This is the second episode of good news you. Can use! Anti breast cancer deidorant, please. Stop using anti persprints! Anti cancer deodorants! via YouTube Capture
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11 thoughts on “Natural Deodorant! Avon deodorant! News you can use!”

  1.     Oh yes I remember Avon deodorant so very well. My mother used it when I was a kid.
    (I"m 68 now). This is one of the best tips. Thanks, Rosemary in Seattle

  2. You are too cute! I often use fresh aloe vera gel from our plants, after swabbing with cotton pads soaked with a mixture of orange blossom water and rose water. Sounds crazy but it sure works. Now, if we have somewhere important to go, like a wedding, I will use traditional products. Thank you for this great review and I will for sure look into this Avon product.

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