18 thoughts on “My Updated Eyebrow Routine! | Faye Claire”

  1. I've seen ALOT of brow tutorials but when i say this is THE BEST. Whew! Gurlllllllll. Literally the best brow tutorial i've ever seen thus far. Love this! <333 Much Love

  2. Why is everyone talking shit about her brows ? She can do her brows any way the fuck she wants. Stop worrying about people and how they do their makeup. There are NO RULES to makeup ! They're not even bad, they look good.

  3. Your natural eyebrows are beautiful you shouldn't make them that thick although it's your decision but over all it doesn't matter you still look beautiful

  4. you should just use the anastasia dip brow only, and just fill in your brows instead of shaping them like that. keep your natural thinness and just fill them in.

  5. All these comments 'too thick' 'stick to your natural shape' 'blah blah blah' it's HER eyebrows on HER face not yours not, not mine, SHE likes HER own brows like that you think if she wanted them thinner she wouldn't do it? Nobody 'has' to do eyebrows a certain way just to please others. Nobody wears make up to please others but themselves so to say she should change them or they are 'too thick' or whatever bullcrap I'm reading is just disgusting in its entirety and the fact most of the comments are coming from girls is even worse. We are meant to be building each other up what happened to girl love. You don't like the eyebrows then DO NOT DO THEM YOUR DAMN SELVES like that. Her eyebrows bother you? CLICK ON ANOTHER VIDEO SIMPLE. Frankly majority or you butt hurt people probably couldn't even fill in your eyebrows and she's changing the shape of them, filming it, putting it on YouTube for her 70+k subscribers making them flawless.

  6. your natural eyebrows are so bomb .and I do my eyebrows the same way,I like my eyebrows thick ash..my natural brows are so thin. idk why people judge

  7. why the fuck do people ask for a eyebrow routine then bitch about the way she does them. THEY LOOK FINE. if she likes them that way then okay. she ain't here to please y'all, look at yourself before you judge her.

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