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AVON Leadership -How to start


Independent Avon Sales Representative National Leader Lisa Monoson shares with you how to begin your Avon leadership business. Learn some key tips on how to determine whether leadership is for you and also some other key steps tips and pointers on how to really get going when you start with the your first new team member.
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Avon/Haul Campaign 24(Christmas) 2015


via YouTube Capture

Disney Holiday Train Set .99 (932-578)

Ornament Tree Centerpiece .99 the set (932-931)

Set of 2 Flameless Pillar Candies with Candles with Snowflakes .99 (933-699)
Ceramic Gingerbread Man Filled with Holiday Spice Candle (932-620) .99
Countdown to Christmas Advent Garland (356-488) .99

Fair Isle-Printed Fleece Throw (941-966) .99
Fair Isle-Printed Fleece Pillow Cover (948-975) .99

Snowflake Card Holder Wreath (356-469) .99

Winter Scene Painted by Santa (959-414) .99

2015 Collectible Christmas Tree plate with 18K Gold Accents (961-186) .99

Train Candy Dish Set i didn’t mention but its .99 the Set (960-490)

Holiday Spice Candle (461-410) .99
Red Velvet Cake Candle (983–092)

Avon Luck for Her Collection 4-piece Gift (538-903)
Avon Passion Collection 3-piece Gift Set (535-373)
Ultra Sexy Pink Collection Gift Set 3piece gift set (535-335)

Memerize 4 piece gift set .99 (520-628)

Skin So Soft Aroma Therapy Stress Relief Gift Collection (366-648)
Body wash, Foam Bath, 48-Hour Moisturizer, Avon Shower Pouf 4piece Set .99

Make UP
SuperExtend Winged Out Mascara in Black (200-849)
True Color Eyeshadow Quad mine in Barely There (neutral color)

Avon Nail Gems (515-398) .99
Avon Nail Gem Applicator (515-402) .99

Anew Reseveralist Any 2 for

Merry & Jolly Days of Christmas Earrings Set (970-775) .99 the set
Cross Birthstone-Color Necklace and Earring Gift Set .99 (300-627)

Disney Cinderella Strap Watch .99

Ran out of Storage, but here’s the rest of the items, thanks for watching.

Dreaming of Mickey Disney Sleepshirt shown in Large (977-655) .99

Cushion Walk Herringbone Flat shown in size 8 (383-787) .99

Not Shown i Ran out of Space on my Iphone6

Roast-and-Serve 3-piece Set (362-221) .99 the Set

Cozy Vanilla & Sandalwood Body Care Collection
Natural Shower Gel (358-438) .99
Natural Body Spray (329-193) .99
Natural Body Lotion (330-189) .99

Skin So So Original (462-913) .00 Buy 1, Get 1 for .99cent

BONUS SIZE Moisture Therapy Body Lotion (611-644) .99

Bubble Delight Bubble Bath (264-939) .99

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AVON LIVE FB How to Make an Avon Christmas Basket


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Hey Guys! Thank you so much for being so patient while I continue to learn to make videos :0) In theis video I am showing you how I make simple baskets for events I host with Avon. I posted some pictures and I was asked many questions so i just decided to make the video I hope you enjoy it and you find it helpful! These tips can be used for any other event not just Avon events. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe!

Avon: www.youravon.com/jmanzanarez

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeniece.manzanarez

Instagram: http://instagram.com/chewie92684

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JenieceMojica

Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/111744477453449387571/posts
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