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Ry.com.au is an established online retailer of haircare, skincare and cosmetics. Based on the Gold Coast and started in 2005 by Bradley Carr and James Patten, Ry was the first to market many of the major brands we still stock today. Where others were too scared to venture, Ry journeyed ahead, selling major brands online and embracing the online shopping boom.
Due to customer demand, the store grew, and continues to grow, with new products and brands being added constantly. By 2014, Ry.com.au was ranked 75th online store in Australia and had shipped 1 million orders to 1 million happy customers. From a 3 employee company selling 35 products, to now employing 30 staff and stocking over 8000 products, Ry.com.au remains innovative and strives to provide professional, top quality products with fast, friendly service.


  • 2005
  • 1 staff member salon.
  • No shopping cart on the website.
  • Guranteed delivery time of 21 days.
  • 35 products (ghd MK4 and Redken).
  • First authorised online retailer of ghd.
  • 2008
  • Opened store in Brisbane.
  • Moved into selling cosmetics,
    including skincare, makeup and
    accessories (Payot, Dermalogica,
    Alpha-H, asap).
  • 5 staff members.
  • 2013
  • Started offering customers
    guaranteed overnight delivery.
  • 6,000 products and over 75 brands on-site.
  • 2007
  • Web store was created.
  • 1 stop shop with products from around the worlds. Hair
    salons could only stock a small amount of products and
    the web store provided a huge range.
  • 2010
  • Opened distribution centre
    and customer service office.
  • Now stocking 3000 products.
  • Launched Enterprise edition eCommerce
  • Launched “On Trend” blog.
  • 2014
  • 1 million orders shipped world wide,
    30 staff, 8000 products.
  • Ranked 75th online store in Australia
    (ref: Online Retailer).
Haircare – At Ry you can shop by brand, with our great range of big name brands such as Redken, MoroccanOil, Matrix and De Lorenzo. You can also shop by your hair type, as Ry provide the best products that serve nearly every hair need. If you have oily, dry, coarse or curly hair; we have something for you. Ranging from basic washing products like Shampoo and Conditioner, to Hair Masks and Treatments, you can be assured Ry has the best products to improve the condition of your hair. With professional hair dressers on site, we know that nothing can change your character and make you feel more confident then having shiny, luscious hair. You can read real reviews by customers and find out more about the brands through real customer experiences.
Skincare – Featuring big brands such as Dermalogica, Payot, Alpha-H and asap, Ry has professional skin therapists select the best skincare products available in Australia. You will easily find something that works for your skin needs, as Ry stock a wide range of fresh, genuine products that cover every step in your routine, from cleansing to exfoliating, toning to moisturising as well as masks, beauty oils and serums. It is so important to look after your skin, and our hand picked products are guaranteed to leave you glowing. It is easy shopping online at Ry.com.au, but if you do have any skincare concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Ry you speak to real people,real fast.
Electrical – Ry have your electrical needs covered too. Blow-dry, straighten and trim your hair with products from Parlux, GHD and Wahl, all at the lowest prices. These products are top of the line and are guaranteed to last without cutting out or over heating. We stock electronic face cleansers too, such as the renowned and authentic Clarisonic. Our products are trusted by hundreds and thousands of beauty addicts worldwide and are backed by our BeautyBliss Guarantee.
And more!



Co-founder of Ry.com.au, Bradley has a background in web development that has guided the company from it’s initial open-source shopping cart to an enterprise level solution. Responsible for digital strategy, analytics, financials and company growth planning, Bradley has a a keen interest in customer behaviour and how technology will continue to improve our lives.


Co-founder of Ry.com.au, James is responsible for brand relationships, online/offline marketing and strategy. James is passionate about hair and haircare with a background in Hairdressing. James’ approach to the company complements Bradley and they have found this has resulted in a very successful and enjoyable business partnership.


Buying and Brands Manager Kylie has worked for Ry.com.au for the last three years tirelessly sourcing the hottest new products and brands. As a self-confessed beauty junkie, you name it, Kylie has tried it. Her first job out of school allowed Kylie to experience the impact of customer service and she learnt early on how important it was to exceed customer expectations and go out of the way to help both customers and clients in anyway possible. She loves how Ry are focused on providing the best customer service possible and truly exceed our customer expectations. In her spare time you can find Kylie at the shops (of course), the beach or spending time with friends and family.


– Ry.com.au Customer Service Manager Jennifer makes sure every person who visits the RY website has an enjoyable and convenient experience. From the regular VIP customers, to the newbies on the website, Jen finds joy in assisting customers with choosing the products they want, helping them take advantage of our special prices and receiving their orders quickly, efficiently and with free samples. When she’s not at work, Jen enjoys indulging in crazy amounts of really great coffee, dancing and going to the theatre.


Professional Beauty Therapist Catherine has worked for Ry.com.au since 2006 and has always had a passion for the beauty industry, particularly enjoying the relaxation and pampering side in the early stages of her career, working at various beauty spas. As the industry changed, Catherine became more interested in result driven treatments, and helping clients get great results with not only salon treatments, but with home care as well. She finds it fulfilling to be able to bring about change in a client’s skin in a positive way and passing on her knowledge to educate others on how to get the best out of their treatments and products. Catherine has a real love for the ever changing and improving beauty industry, with new formulas, new machines and new techniques to try as well as testing out new makeup products (what girl doesn’t). She thinks it is beautiful to see the confidence makeup gives women, because when women feel beautiful and confident they are unstoppable. Catherine enjoys spending time with her 2 year old son, travelling and exploring new places and shopping, particularly for shoes and handbags.


Warehouse Manager Skye has worked for Ry.com.au for the last 4 years. She is in charge of all the warehouse staff and is responsible for getting all the orders packed and shipped out on time. She runs a tight ship with sharp attention to detail and an even sharper tongue. When she’s not at work, Skye enjoys fishing, watching movies and partying the night away.


Tim has a passion for online retail, eCommerce and the digital environment, with extensive skills in both the technical & project management aspects of Ry. As IT manager, Tim is analytical and inquisitive, with a keen eye for detail and quality and always strives to deliver his best. Being a real technophile, Tim enjoys anything related to computers and technologies, and can usually be found sporting the latest gadgets. Outside of the technology world, Tim has a passion for aviation, and is a keen hobbyist of model rail & aircraft. He also enjoys boating, fishing and long walks on the beach.


Marketing and Promotions Manager Taren has a creative background in architecture and design. She has always been passionate for the arts, particularly design, fashion, beauty and music. Deciding she needed more freedom and creativity in her work-life, Taren completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in PR. Working at Ry, Taren combines both her creative and business skills to constantly come up with new ways to both capture and retain customers. She has realised that organisation is the key to her role. Gold Coast born and bred, you will find Taren at the beach most weekends. She also loves attending live gigs and festivals and shopping.


– In Operations Administration, Shakira has a keen interest in the background operations of a business and helping Ry.com.au grow and thrive. Being a part of the growth and change of Ry has been an enjoyable experience for Shakira, and working in the hair and beauty industry with great people and beautiful products is an added bonus. She loves spending time with her loved ones, especially her beautiful puppy dog, as well as looking for new food and restaurants to try. New to the Gold Coast, Shakira is enjoying living near the beach and tries to spend as much time there as possible.


– Ry.com.au Content and PR Assistant Renee has a background in and passion for writing as well as beauty. Ry allows Renee to combine her two loves to produce creative and educational informational pieces for the ultimate customer experience. Renee works to make sure customers have the best and most accurate beauty knowledge so that Ry.com.au is a one stop shop for everything beauty related. She is an avid reader and a cosmetic hoarder, always reading reviews and buying the newest products to add to her already overflowing collection. In her spare time you will find Renee engrossed in a good book, trawling YouTube or tanning at the beach.