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  1. @aprilprichard All Avon skin care products can be used together. They keep the same PH level amongst all products. When applying different products at generally the same time, you want to move from the lightest products to the heaveier ones. That way the light products don't have to fight their way past the heavy ones to make it inot your skin. So, start with luminosity serum, then wrinkle corrector gel. 🙂

  2. It works better if your face is dry. The peel is basically apple fruit acid. If your soap was a base, you'd neutralize the acid in the peel. Wash your face, dry it off, give it a few minutes, then use the peel. Give it at least 15 minutes before you put anything else on your face.

  3. The Rejuvinate line would be perfect for you. As for dark circles, the eye lift would work, but might be over kill. At 20, I might go with the Total Radiance Eye Gel. It's light and will do the job. You could also throw in some eye makeup remover (to help ge rid of any left over mascara) and the Magix Illuminator. It has light reflectors to help hide the dark circles. Be sure to remove all make up at night (the mineral wipes are good for that) and don't put face cream under the eyes. Luck!

  4. If you are 24, you want to start with the Rejuvinate regimen. Thermafirm is a bit advanced for where your skin needs are at that age. The regimen will give you the corrdinating cleanser, day, night & eye moisturizer.

  5. I just bought the Anew Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream and was wondering if this is right for me..
    I'm 24 years old and wanted to start using something for my face

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